Tex Trade UK – a family run textile business which started operating in 2012

We are based in South Wales and South West England areas and are proud to have successfully been in this industry for over 5 years. We specialize in collections and recycling of used textiles as well as shoes, household rummages and bric-a-brac to be reused in countries all over the world instead of leaving these items to build up in UK’s landfill sites where they are of no use to anyone.

In our trading years we gained a lot of experience, friends and business partners. We are passionate about our work and partnerships and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our aim is to make sure our goods meet every customers’ expectations. We offer your shop/business quality British goods which no doubt will draw new customers to you. Whether it’s our untouched Door2Door original or quality used Bric-a-Brac that interests you, we are ready to start cooperation with your company and build a solid, long-term partnership.

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