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Tex Trade UK offers A-grade used summer clothing in bales weighing between 45 and 55 kg. Summer shoes are sold in 25 kg bales and are all guaranteed to be of British origin. We supply a wide range of markets including the African countries of Ghana and Togo.

Bales of grade A summer used clothes for African Market consist of different categories of items that are sorted by the type of material, length of the sleeves, gender, condition etc.

We sell a range of grade A used clothing at wholesale prices to the retail industry, and all our products are UK sourced.

Our grade A used clothing bales are all sorted and available in order sizes of:

  • 1000 kg (approximately 20 bales) sample order
  • 13 000 kg (approx 230 bales) in 20 ft container
  • 27 000 kg (approx 470 bales) in 40 ft container

The typical ratio of African grade stock is:

  • Men’s clothing 25%
  • Women’s clothing 40%
  • Children’s clothing 25%
  • Household goods 10%

Tex Trade UK African grade A bales are carefully sorted and graded to satisfy market requirements.

We are a family business with a reputation for treating our customers as individuals. To us, our customers are not just numbers. We have an interest in our used clothing resellers being successful and our staff focus on creating and maintaining satisfied customers.

As for the Grade A clothing we sell: we provide competitive prices, we are multilingual which enables us to serve a diverse market effectively, and quality is of the utmost importance.

What our buyers say about us

Tex Trade UK is our preferred used clothing supplier in the UK. Their products are of good quality and always arrive on time and in good order.

Adam Barkes

Always receive good quality, well-packed clothing from you. We will remain clients and friends for a long time to come. Recommend!

Daniela Datcu

Thank you for the efficient service, and good quality used clothing you delivered today. The quality of your products makes our job as retailers so much easier.

Andrzej Jankowski

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