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Tex Trade UK is the nr 1 seller of unsorted Door2Door original collected from private households in South Wales and South West England

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We distribute our drop bags to households in the areas that we serve in South Wales and South West England. Our drivers then come back to collect the bags and deliver it to our central warehouse. We are used clothing collectors and wholesalers, so we cut the middleman out and sell to the used clothing industry directly. This ensures that the consumer receives the best quality unsorted clothing at affordable price.

Door 2 Door unsorted clothing is classified as “untouched original”. Untouched original clothing is sold as it is, namely a mix of clothes, shoes, and accessories, nothing is being taken out from the bags apart from  books, bric-a-brac or household rummage (HHR).

Untouched unsorted original clothing serves an essential purpose in the recycling of well-maintained second-hand clothes in the UK, and Tex Trade UK is a significant player in this industry.

To ensure that you receive the highest quality used clothing at the competitive price, we sell only UK sourced clothing. We sell our collected clothes packed in big bags (each weighing approximately 180kg) which are being stored and treated with care in the Tex Trade UK warehouses.

It is with the same care that we treat our customers as individuals to ensure that we support them in buying the best quality used clothing available in the UK.

As the nr 1 unsorted used clothing wholesaler in the UK, we are experienced in the cost-effective distribution of original unsorted clothing from source to the eventual user. That is why one of the cornerstones of our business is our attitude of dealing with every customer individually. This ensures satisfied customers who in turn make us the nr 1 used clothing wholesaler because they keep on returning to do business with Tex Trade UK.

If you are interested in unsorted Door 2 Door clothing, talk to the market leader in used clothing in the UK. We look forward to building a mutually profitable relationship with you.

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What our buyers say about us

Tex Trade UK is our preferred used clothing supplier in the UK. Their products are of good quality and always arrive on time and in good order.

Adam Barkes

Always receive good quality, well-packed clothing from you. We will remain clients and friends for a long time to come. Recommend!

Daniela Datcu

Thank you for the efficient service, and good quality used clothing you delivered today. The quality of your products makes our job as retailers so much easier.

Andrzej Jankowski

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